How big of an Empty Water Bottle Can you Bring on a Plane?

How big of an Empty Water Bottle Can you Bring on a Plane?

Smoking is no longer allowed on flights, so if you have a water bottle to take on a plane with you, you’ll need to know how big of a container the airlines will allow. 

The good news is that they’re generally more lenient now than they used to be. In the United States, the limit for liquids that can be brought onto a plane is three ounces or less per item. We will discuss more in this topic later. Stay Tuned!!

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How big of an Empty Water Bottle Can you Bring on a Plane?

Most airlines allow for carry-on bags, excluding suitcases and other large items, to be no larger than (9 x 14 x 22)cubic inch. Surprisingly, many people do not know the dimensions of a water bottle and therefore often bring one on their flight that is either too large or can’t fit in the overhead compartment. Flight attendants will typically take it away from you and ask you to drink all of your water before getting off the plane.

The size of an empty water bottle that I can bring on a plane is 8 inches x 10 inches x 22 inches. The reason I say “empty” is because if you tried to travel with a full water bottle, it would be bulky and awkward. It would be better to travel with an empty one to save space. If you want to know how big it will be then, I will say that it is nearly the size of a soda can. Because it is an empty bottle, it will be easy to carry on.

At last, I will say that The size of the bottle is not important. It is the volume that counts. Bring at least one quart-sized container per person for your carry on liquids and gels.{alertSuccess}

That’s it!

What is an empty water bottle?

An empty water bottle is technically not a water bottle at all. The size of the water bottle you can bring on a plane varies depending on whether or not you are flying in the United States. For flights within the U.S., there is no limit to the size of your empty water bottle; however, for international flights, there is a small allowance of 1 quart-sized container that must meet certain requirements.

What are the FAA rules regarding empty water bottles?

Airlines are starting to ban one-time-use plastic water bottles on flights. But, do you know what the FAA rules are for bringing an empty water bottle with you?

You can pack an empty water bottle up to 3.4 ounces or 100 millilitres in your carry-on bag and take it through the security checkpoint. However, any amount of liquid above that limit must be placed in your checked baggage and cannot be carried onboard the aircraft.

Is an empty water bottle safe?

Did you know that you can bring a water bottle as long as it is empty, as long as it has been emptied and secured? This means that before going through security for a plane, you should have already taken the time to drink from your water bottle and continue to fill it at a nearby fountain or sink. There are a lot of reasons why you need to be mindful of this rule.

An empty water bottle is safe in a plane. However, it is not recommended to bring an empty water bottle on a plane because it may be seen as suspicious.

Is it safe or ok to bring a water bottle onto a plane?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to bring a water bottle onto the plane. However, the water bottle must be empty and clear. Water bottles that are full of liquid will not be allowed on the plane because they may leak and cause damage to the aircraft.

What are the consequences if you bring a water bottle onto a plane?

With security concerns, what are the consequences if you bring a water bottle onto a plane? You may be very surprised to find that it’s actually not that difficult to get through security with the right knowledge in the right state of mind. One thing you should know is that in most cases, you can bring your empty water bottle onto the plane.

So, what are the consequences if you bring an empty water bottle onto a plane? You may be able to bring your empty water bottle on and get through security without paying any additional fees. If that is the case, you wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences because you’re not going to get in trouble.

However, if you decide to fill your water bottle on the plane, then you may want to consider the consequences. The TSA has a strict policy that if you’re bringing an empty water bottle on the plane, then you will have to pay a $3.50 per bag fee. Although, you can get into the airport before 9:30 a.m. and still avoid the $3.50 charge.

How much liquid can be inside in an empty water bottle and in a sports gel flask?

In this section, we will investigate the fluid volume in two different containers: an empty water bottle and a gel flask. The average occupancy for a passenger’s carry-on baggage is to allow 2 litres (about 3 quarts) of liquids in your bag or less than 100 millilitres (about 17 ounces) per item.

The limits are explained by the need to use the available space on aircraft efficiently without disrupting cabin service.

Can an empty water bottle go in carrying on luggage?

One common question among airline passengers is whether they can bring an empty water bottle in carry-on luggage. Some airlines allow it. However, some say no.

Additionally, some airlines charge an extra for the space, as there is no one to take care of the bottle. It is because of this reason that some airlines want to keep the number of passengers in the cabin as high as possible.


The first thing to consider when bringing an empty water bottle on a plane is the airport security line. Of course, you will want to take the bottle out of your carry-on before you go through the metal detector or x-ray machine.

If you are planning to fill up the bottle after going through security, make sure it has a screw-top lid so you can open it quickly and easily.

There are airports that have filling stations near the gate area where you wait for your flight. If you want to know more about all kinds of bottles you can read this article regarding All about bottles.

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