Pillow on a Plane : Can I bring or not?

Can I Bring a Pillow on a Plane?

Pillows can be brought on a plane but are not allowed in the cabin. They are stored in the overhead storage compartments during take-off and landing. Pillows should be stored in an individual’s carry-on bag to ensure that they are not lost or misplaced.

Can I Bring a Pillow on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring a pillow on a plane.

Air travel can be uncomfortable, but is it illegal to bring a pillow on a plane? That answer is not straightforward. Though some airlines do allow passengers to bring their own pillows, the rules vary by airline, and travelers are better off just checking with their airline in advance.

What is the policy on bringing a pillow on a plane?

The policies on bringing pillows on planes vary by airline and comfort level. For example, Spirit Airlines requires passengers to purchase a $9 “Pillow and Blanket Kit,” and Frontier Airlines allows only one pillow and blanket per person. Delta Air Lines does not have any specific policy but recommends limiting carry-on items to one personal item plus one suitcase to accommodate everyone in the cabin.

What is the best way to bring a pillow on a plane?

The best way to bring a pillow on a plane is with you. Bringing a pillow from home will make it easier when it comes to the sleeping position and comfort, which in turn will make your body feel better after sitting in one spot for hours. Bringing your pillow from home also makes the packing process quicker when going through airport security.

Do airlines allow pillows on planes?

The article “Do airlines allow pillows on planes?” will help readers know exactly if their airline allows them to bring their own pillow on the plane. Many airlines, including Delta, Southwest, United, and American Airlines, allow for passengers to bring their own pillows on board.

Delta even offers hypoallergenic pillows for those who suffer from allergies. These airlines also offer neck pillows that can be purchased at the airport or online before your flight.

Can I bring my own pillow on a plane?

If you are a frequent flyer, chances are you have been asked by the flight attendants to do away with your pillow or pillowcase before boarding. 

The reason behind this policy is because pillows, like other items, should be stored in the overhead bins to avoid blocking the aisle or other areas for passengers. However, many people believe that it’s better to bring their own pillow to make them more comfortable throughout the trip.

Can I Bring a Neck Pillow on a Plane

The TSA has a list of prohibited items, and neck pillows are not on the list. 

However, if you’re flying with a neck pillow, it would be best to check with your airline before boarding because some airlines don’t allow passengers to bring these items on board.

Can I use my memory foam pillow on board?

The answer to this question is not simple. Memory foam pillows are not allowed on board because they are considered a fire hazard. This is because the material can melt and create a flammable liquid which could potentially cause an explosion. 

However, some people have successfully smuggled their memory foam pillows onto aeroplanes by wrapping them in towels or clothes and placing them in the overhead compartment.

Can I Bring a Vibrating Back Support Pillow on a Plane

Yes. The pillow is not a weapon and can be brought on board.

What type of pillow can I bring on a plane?

A neck pillow is a good option for traveling. This type of pillow can be used to support your head and neck while you sleep. It is also useful for providing neck and head support when you are sitting in an aeroplane seat or car seat. Here is some other type of pillows:
  • Styrofoam
  • Foam
  • Feathers
  • Polyester
  • Memory foam
  • Down

Where do you get your travel size pillows?

One option is to buy a travel size pillow, like this one on Amazon. The other option is to use your own pillow and fold it up. Fold the pillow in half so that it has an even thickness, then fold it again in half so that the pillow is now in fourths. Roll the edges of the pillow inward, so they are all covered, and you’ll have a small travel size pillow!

Where Do I Put My Travel Pillow When Flying?

A travel pillow is a great idea for your next flight. They are especially great if you have neck or back issues. You can place the pillow on the seat in front of you to help with back support or use it as a headrest. You can also locate it under your legs or tuck it behind your head.

How to Pack Your Travel Pillow for Air Travel

Many people travel with a supportive travel pillow when they know they will be on a plane for more than 4 hours. Aeroplane seats are not designed for comfortable sleeping, and you might want something to get the neck and back in alignment while you’re traveling.

These pillows can come in handy, but make sure you know which of your bags they should go in and where – especially if you have to take it out during security checkpoints.

Why do people often bring pillows on planes?

Many people bring a pillow on a plane as a comfort measure. It can be used as a headrest for those who are seated in the window seat. Another use is to have your carry-on bag as close to your feet as possible, so you don’t have to keep going up and down the aisle for more space.


In conclusion, there is no harm in bringing a pillow on a plane as long as it is not too big. However, those who want to avoid the risk may choose to purchase pillows from an airport or plane.

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