How Much to Tip a Skycap?

Some air travelers will never forget their first experience with a skycap. They wait patiently at the curb, then take your heavy suitcase and stow it for you in the plane’s cargo hold. You can’t help but feel grateful to such a hardworking individual, so why not show your appreciation by tipping them? Skycaps are often underpaid and sometimes not tipped at all.

Tip the skycap? You may be not sure what to do when you first arrive at the airport. Do you tip the skycap if they help you with your bags? Did you tip them enough if they brought your bags onto the plane for you? There are a lot of questions to be answered, and people have their own opinion on whether or not it should be done.

What is customary to tip a skycap?


The skycap or airline baggage handler is a key member of the airport staff. He’s the one who greets you at the airport and has your bags as soon as you’re ready to be on your way. In addition to this, he also helps with other tasks that may not be as pleasant for you – such as checking in your luggage if it can’t fit in the overhead bins or scanning your boarding pass, and punching security codes into a computer. 

Why should we tip the skycap? 

The skycap is the individual who handles your luggage at the airport. In some cases, skycaps do not have a tip jar, but if they do, it is customary to tip them. Skycaps are usually tipped about $1-$2 for each bag that is handled. 

What is the minimum amount to tip a skycap? 

A skycap is one of the most unheralded staff of an airport. They help to navigate the baggage claim, they help load and unload luggage, they provide maps and information, and they are generally happy to do anything that makes your experience more comfortable. For all their hard work, the minimum tip for a skycap for getting your luggage out of the car is $1-$5.

How much should you tip a skycap?

Typically a skycap is tipped at least $1 for a single bag. A tip of $5 or more is appropriate for multiple bags or if the skycap provides some type of service, such as hauling heavy luggage up several flights of stairs.

How much to tip Skycap 2022?

The skycap at the airport will usually accept cash, which is quite convenient. It is also routine for people to buy them a coffee or iced tea with their tip. To calculate what you should give, it’s best if you just use your gut instinct. If they are helpful and efficient, then they deserve at least $5-10.

My experience with tipping skycaps at airports 

I have been tipping skycaps at airports for years, but I never knew how much to tip. I was always unsure of the amount because it depends on how heavy your bags are, whether you are traveling with children, and if you have mobility issues. One time, I left a $5 tip for my skycap through an ATM but then saw that they needed more money to get home. It’s frustrating when you’re on vacation, and you’re not sure of the appropriate tip. 

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