Is 1 hour Layover Enough for International Flights?

A layover is a time spent at an airport between two flights. Sometimes it can last just a few minutes, but other times you might have an hour or more to relax, shop, eat or work.

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Airlines require layovers because it’s not safe to fly long-distance without this mandated rest period. Did an international traveler ever wonder whether 1-hour layover was sufficient? Now you can know the truth.

So, Is 1 hour layover enough for international flights?

Actually, it depends on different situations. I collect three things to consider. They are,

  • Do you get the same airlines and same terminal?
  • Did you check all your baggage?
  • And last, Do you get the same tickets for two flights?

Let’s break down those situations. 

If you get the same airlines, same terminal, and also you don’t have any luggage/baggage, also you are inside the Minimum Connection Time(MCT) then it will be easier for you to do all those things. In this situation, I think this 1 hour layover will be ok for you.

Is 1 hour layover enough for international flights?
Is 1 hour layover enough for international flights?

Is 1 hour layover enough for international flights?

But on the other hand, If the third question is no, I mean you don’t have the same tickets for two flights, then the 1 hour layover time is not enough for you.

To me, it’s called a short layover. A short layover can be the worst because you have so many things to do.

You have to go through a transfer desk, or face an even worse situation, collect your baggage and go out through customs and arrivals, and then come back in again through departures and immigration/security.

At last, My answer will be 1 hour layover is not enough for international flights.{alertSuccess}

I hope you got your question answered correctly. Now we will discuss some different cities’ layover times. I am sure that will help you to get an idea for layover time on international flights.


What is the recommended layover time for international flights?

In order to visit different countries, you may need to take different flights. And depending on how many stops your journey will be spending can affect the overall travel time. And so, it is important for you to know the recommended layover time before getting on your plane.

So, What is the recommended layover time for international flights?

For some reason, airline companies don’t like to tell you. But if you ask nicely, they will. The reason is that there are no good rules.

There are too many variables. It depends on the airline, where you are flying, what time of day it is, how busy they are, whether they’ve got a lot of planes on the ground, anything else that might affect your flight, and just about anything else you can think of.

To make matters worse, airlines do not publish their statistics consistently across different routes or different days.

At any given air port, accumulated statistics can provide a good representation of the average wait time. From there, I developed my own models for predicting the average wait time based on my knowledge of the various airlines.

That’s probably an unfair advantage, but it’s better than nothing.

By IATA(International Air Transport Association), the recommended layover time for international flights is at least three hours, and for domestic flights, the recommended layover time is two hours. {alertSuccess}


What is the recommended layover time for Domestic flights?

In 1990 IATA decided to change its rules for domestic flights. On domestic flights, they now recommend a layover time of two hours. 

So why do they still say that on international flights?

Because they don’t follow their advice of them, they fly one-way international flights without stopping over in most cases because they assume they won’t be doing anything else until they arrive at their final destination. And they are wrong about that too, but only slightly so: what they forget is that if you fly from New York to London and spend a night there before continuing on to Paris, spending a day there before going on to Rome and Frankfurt and Frankfurt again before finally getting to Los Angeles—then your layover isn’t two hours but four! We all make mistakes like this because we don’t think things through properly.

Is 1 hour Layover Enough in Different Cities?

Does an hour really suffice for layover time in Denver?

You probably don’t know how to spend 1 hour in Denver. So is it enough?

I say it is, and I am going to show you why.

The reason is that we are used to having a lot of time on our hands. We can do, see, talk, read, think, play and love all the things we like for as long as we like.

But in most places, time is money: the longer you spend, the more your time goes for something.

So if you have a layover of 1 hour, you might as well do anything worthwhile with it. You might as well see all the sights or sample all the local specialties or visit museums or go shopping or take an art class.

If you went to a museum, how much would it cost? Well, $10 for an adult ticket is not unreasonable; it’s an hour’s pay for a teacher and two hours’ pay for a carpenter, plus tax. So if you spent that hour on a museum instead of doing anything else, you wasted $40. But because your layover lasted 1 hour, $40 is not much time in terms of your lifetime income.

Is a 1 hour layover really sufficient time in Chicago?

If you are going to Chicago, then a 1 hour layover is not enough time. You need a lot more time.

The reason is that if you want to do anything useful in Chicago, you have to select a plan and stick to it. People who stay too long without a plan tend to drift off and do nothing.

But if you can’t figure out what to do, you don’t have enough time: you’ll spend your time wandering around wondering what to do next. You’ll waste your 1 hour waiting for something to happen.

Is a an Hour layover enough time in Seattle?

If you are flying into Seattle for a 1 hour layover, is that enough time to go into Seattle?

The answer is completely dependent on what you want to do in Seattle. If you want to get through airport security and wait for your plane, then yes, you have enough time. However, if you want to get out of the airport and see some of the city, then no, 1 hour is not enough time.


Is one hour layover enough in Reykjavik?

It’s never enough. Perhaps there is some wasted potential, perhaps there are some things that you need to correct, or perhaps there are still some things you don’t know.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, and if it isn’t too cold, it’s a nice place to visit. But there are also other nice places to visit, and lots of things to do.

The one hour layover in Reykjavik is not enough for any of them. You can’t see everything in one day. You can’t avoid the bad weather. And if you want to visit other places in Iceland, you need to go to the airport again.

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Is 1 hour layover enough time in Keflavik?

Most people who travel consider a 1-hour layover at Keflavik Airport to be the maximum they would ever want. (I used to assume that it was because Keflavik was a tiny airport, and the maximum layover would be about 11 minutes) 

I hope you got a very good idea about 1 hour layover time on international flights. If you really like this article, then give us a thumbs up or if you need any additional information, then let us know in the comments section. We will try to help you as much as we can.

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